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Idlewild & Soak Zone
7 Theme areas of FUN!


7 Theme areas of FUN!
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Idlewild and Soak Zone is developed into seven main areas.  They are listed below, along with a brief description of the area.

Hoot n' Holler
This western themed area developed in 1984 and was designed by Harry Henninger, Jr.  It consists of a few of the buildings from the 1976 Historic Village attraction.  A few of the first buildings in this area are the General Store and the Gazebo.  In 1984 Confusion Hill was built and transportation was made easier in 1990 when the Loyalhanna Limited added a new station.  Dizzy Lizzy's salon was added in 1999 and was a modern version of the old haunted swing ride.
Jumping Jungle
This playground attraction was suppose to go to Kennywood Park but Idlewild's new owners directed it to fill in a vacant spot between Hoot n' Holler and Story Book Forest.  It consists of a huge ballpit containing over 300,000 colorful balls, slides, rope swings, net climbs, and a shallow raft ride.
Story Book Forest
Added in 1956, this 17-acre 'forest' was copied from a roadside attraction in New England.  It features children favorites such as Jack and Jill, Alice's keyhole, 3 men in a tub and Mother Goose herself. 
Olde Idlewild
This is the oldest and busiest section of the park.  It features family favorite rides including the Ferris Wheel, Skooters, Wild Mouse coaster, Rollo Coaster, Carousel, and Caterpillair.  Hillside Theatre provides lively entertainment nightly and numerous refreshments are located around the area.
Soak Zone
This whole area is located on a now filled in island which once held a hedge maze.  In 2001, the H2OhhhZone and Dr. Hydro's Soak Zone were combined into Soak Zone.  The area features 14 waterslides including the Speed Slides, Pipeline Plunge, Shot Gun, and the classic Rafter's Run.  This area is also filled with hundreds of lawn chairs for sun bathers. 
Raccoon Lagoon
One of the largest kiddielands in the state, Raccoon Lagoon features many classic kiddie rides such as the Ferris Wheel, Doodlebug or crank cars.  Ricky Raccoon is the park mascot and has his own ride, Ricky Racers.
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood of Make-Believe
Added in 1989 as the park's first million dollar ride, this ride was designed by Mister Rogers' himself. 

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