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Idlewild & Soak Zone
7 Theme areas of FUN!
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Please Note: This site has been closed.  Please visit the all-new Idlewild & SoakZone website at Idlewild Moments.Thank you!


Your Unofficial Guide to the Oldest Amusement Park in Pennsylvania.


When asked to name a famous person or product from Latrobe, PA, one might say 'Mister Rogers' or 'Home of the first banana split.'  If you look just outside of Latrobe, you would find a rustic old amusement park called Idlewild.  Since its opening 126 years ago, Idlewild and Soak Zone has seen good times and bad.  Although its age is impressive, Idlewild also offers a couple of hard-to-come-by rides and a handful of family favorites.  Step inside the pages of this site and discover why Idlewild and Soak Zone is a famly favorite. 

This site is in no means related to Idlewild Park or its parent company.  Please address all ticket information to Idlewild